liki liki LED lighting design | strength of an evolving lighting design

The potentials of an evolving lighting design | liki liki LED lighting design The strength of a good project lies in a flowing cycle away from pre-packaged solutions,whilst dealing with constant renewed curiosity and critical spirit. [...]

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Aliki Polydor | “Take it or leave it”©2005 | LED lighting installation

Aliki Polydor | "Take it or leave it"©2005 | technology and senses | RGB- LED lighting installationAll feelings cost sacrifice and renunciationIn this new century, sacrifices and rejections are surreptitiously disappearing as values. The wish [...]

Aliki Polydor | “Stira e Sukha” installation©2005-2016

"Stira and Sukha©2005-2016 Aliki Polydor installation refers to the pleasure of practicing a discipline. It is in sanscrit and sustains that in practicing any discipline or art no matter how arduous, one can reach great satisfaction. [...]

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