Installation Stira and Sukha©2005

Vera Meneguzzo on « stira e sukha » il piacere nella disciplina tradotto dal sanscrito installazione di Aliki Polydor ex-Macello Verona L’ installazione luminosa e profumata di Aliki Polydor, come il piacere nella disciplina, una [...]

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take it or leave it ©2006 | polysensorial installation

“take it or leave it”©2006 Aliki Polydor LED lighting interactive project, could best be translated in italian as "immediatezza o rinuncia”©2006 An overview Today the senses are weakened and lacerated because technology and progress make [...]

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Respect your Circadian cycles

People are increasingly staring into bright screens long into the night. Smartphones, laptops and all kinds of electronic screens have become brighter and bluer over the past couple of decades because of the addition of [...]

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“napo” table lamp ©2008 | liki liki design studio

Do you remember Napoleon? The "napo" LED table lamp is a tribute to the memory of this exceptional history figure, admired by some and despised by others. In the design of this luminaire, Aliki Polydor [...]

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kissimu 3 : beyond the preconceived idea of a table lamp

kissimu 3 ©2007 | forerunner | designer luminaire | power-LED technology The «kissimu 3» ©2007 table lamp goes beyond the preconceived idea of a table lamp. Its fluid design and shape give a sense of “taking [...]

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