The installation “Zafferano o spezie…“ at the castello di Rivoli – Forte Wohlgemuth with 3 technologically innovative SSL light sculptures of which “zaff”, being the most important one, offers a distinct message : that of enhancing emotions linked to the pleasure of the senses, whether gustatory or olfactory.

To Aliki, spices contribute to the flavor of the elements but also to the flavor of life, making it even more intense with the addition of subtle hints to emotions intensifying the olfactory pleasure and taste. When entering a completely dark space guided by the cardamome scent that spreads in the environment, the colored light and the adequate colour temperature of the white light, very close to daylight, the light sculpture “zaff” with its soft shapes strongly affects the senses of the visitor.

The dominant color chosen by Aliki is saffron yellow. Saffron, like all the other spices leads us with its benefits to an important impact on our senses. Spices affect our beings with notable repercussions on our mind and soul. Omar Khayyam in his poetry mentions it in the context of hedonism and Epicureanism… Saffron draws us to a sense of wellbeing.

Strangely all colors are found in spices … There is a color for each spice, for every pleasure. Orange, red, yellow, green … and the entire installation is further emphasised with Aliki’s LED lighting design.

There is a thrill for all things in life says Aliki Polydor, even simple small things like spice © 2004